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Getting Banned

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1Getting Banned Empty Getting Banned on Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:32 pm


In this topic I will tell you about the banning system. There are a few levels of the ban system. You will have:
  • A Reminder, and asked to read the rules again.
  • A Warning, again asked to read the rules.
  • A One-Day ban, you will not be allowed on the site/forum for a day.
  • A Three-Day ban, you will not be allowed on the site/foum for three days.
  • A Seven-Day ban, you will not be allowed on the site/foum for seven days.
  • A Fourteen-Day ban, you will not be allowed on the site/foum for fourteen days.
  • An account deletion. Your account WILL be removed and can not be undone.
But, before you will get banned, you will have a series of warnings, the first is a reminder, the second a warning. Then your warning bar will go down. Your warning bar will look like this:

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss1

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss2

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss3

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss4

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss6sharp

This is what they mean:

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss1 This means your ok.

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss2 This mean you have had 3 warnings.

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss3 This means you have had 4 warnings and need to get your act togeather.

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss4 This means you have had 5 warnings and need to get your act togeather or you WILL be banned the next warning.

Getting Banned WarningBar-Gloss6sharp This means your banned, or the person is banned.

Now when you get to the banned part of your warning level, you will be banned according to the times you have already been banned. But note this, you can be banned multiple times, but does not mean you have that chance. It all depends on your actions.

And don't think you can get away with the times you been banned, there is a part on your main profile that is listed "Times Banned," and each time you get banned, the number will increase by 1. That will let the next ban-er know how many times you been banned. The only way for your account to get removed is if ClockWork does it. Moderators know they may not ban for no good reason.

One more thing, do NOT post in places you not suppose to. It will count as spam and your warning level will go down. Examples of places you should NOT post in: Administrative Messages; News; or Information.


A site Administrator, Moderator, or Staff Member will NEVER ask for your account password!

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